The ECO Academy

Where Nature Nurtures

The ECO Academy is a collaborative of innovative educators dedicated to sharing the practice and teachings of nature’s classroom. We welcome you to the transformational place where nature nurtures. 

We are committed to… 

  • the Evolution of ecologically informed education; often in the company of horses. 
  • Curiosity and its power to create conscious communities and kinship with all nature. 
  • Oneness to dispel the optical delusion of separation while honouring diversity.

Our vision at The ECO Academy is to provide innovative learning opportunities for leaders, educators and wellness professionals, cultivating a kinship with nature that nurtures conscious communities for a unified and compassionate world. 

Our team is rooted in beautiful British Columbia, Canada however we also offer trainings, workshops and mentorship online, and in-person around the world. 

Let us know if you would like to bring a training to you!  
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Meet Our Team

Sandra Wallin

Sandra grew up in the rainforests of British Columbia, riding bareback through ancient cedars and mountain streams. There with the horses, and in nature’s classroom, she learned another way to listen and to lead; a way she’s been teaching in schools and organizations for over 30 years.

As a lifelong learner, Sandra has earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Science and Education, a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology, and is currently working toward her Doctorate in Ecopsychology. Though she has studied with many incredible people, Sandra says her most influential teachers have been horses - potent allies and guides for those who are ready to move beyond the status quo to thrive personally, professionally and planetarily.

Sharolyn Wandzura

Sharolyn has been facilitating for over 15 years and one of Sandra’s first students in Equine Facilitated Wellness. Sharolyn offers exceptional liberty horsemanship skills and enjoys digging deep to explore relational development between species. Sharolyn is a life long learner and is passionate about the growth of available research in the field. She believes "when we know more we are able to BE more for our horses and ourselves all the while providing effective services for our communities". With Sharolyn's 25 years of web design and user experience on board you will feel well supported with her expertise and technical touch!