The Eco Academy

Where Nature Nurtures

The ECO Academy is a collaborative of innovative educators dedicated to sharing the practice and teachings of nature’s classroom. We welcome you to the transformational place where nature nurtures. 

We are committed to… 

  • the EVOLUTION of ecologically informed education; often in the company of horses. 
  • CURIOSITY and its power to create conscious communities and kinship with all nature. 
  • ONENESS to dispel the optical delusion of separation while honouring diversity.

The ECO Academy vision is to provide innovative learning opportunities for leaders, educators and wellness professionals to cultivate a kinship with nature that nurtures conscious communities for a unified compassionate world. Our team in located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada and offers trainings online and around the world. Let us know if you would like to bring a training to you! Email us for in person Equine Facilitated Wellness Training Opportunities >>

The Eco Academy

Where Nature Nurtures

Once upon a time there were three friends who did not want to change the world - but instead wanted to change the way we live in and live with the world and each other. With values of EVOLUTION, CURIOSITY, and ONENESS these three lead mares started The ECO Academy. ~ Carla, Sandra & Sharolyn
Carla, Sandra & Sharolyn

Sandra Wallin

Chiron's Way

Sandra and Saxon

Sandra grew up in the rainforests of British Columbia, riding bareback through ancient cedars and mountain streams. There with the horses, and in nature’s classroom, she learned another way to listen and to lead; a way she’s been teaching in schools and organizations for over 30 years. 

With a multidisciplinary background, Sandra brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to her programs and practice Educator, therapist, horse listener and lifelong learner, she is currently working toward a doctorate in Ecopsychology Sandra has been invited to teach and lecture about the healing power of horses the world over, including at a symposium for doctors who practice integrative medicine alongside thought leader scientists Candice Pert and David Suzuki. 

She has helped children who have been bullied step into their power and guided power companies to lead with grace. At the request of her friend and mentor Dr. Bruce Lipton, she has been helping men serving life sentences break free from the prison of their limiting beliefs. 

Her students call her a motivational teacher and her clients refer to her as an apothecary. Sandra says she is an apprentice to nature and she welcomes you to join her for transformation in the field.

Carla Webb

Empowered By Horses

Carla and Babs

As a former 14-year member of the Vancouver Police Department Carla saw how trauma and the breakdown of community and familial relations can negatively affect one’s health and sense of self-worth. Since resigning from the force she has dedicated her life to healing these wounds by helping others connect to animals and nature. Carla has always felt a keen bond to the natural world from the horses she cared for as youth to her volunteer work in Costa Rica. 

In 2010 she founded Unbridled Potential, an academy dedicated to forging safe, respectful and trusting bonds between horses and people. Later she co-founded Empowered By Horses to help empower youth to make healthier lifestyle choices and more recently, Carla created Standing Six, an equine support system for first responders to heal, learn and grow. As her vision grew she welcomed Kune Kune pigs, sheep and chickens to her farm to expand the healing capacity of her equine-based programs. 

Carla is an Equine Facilitated Wellness Professional, EFW mentor and Wellness Coach. Her heart-centered philosophy of kindness and enhanced empathy and compassion for all beings is the cornerstone of all her programs. It is her passion to build positive relationships and mindful interactions between clients, the natural world and the community in which they live. 

Carla lives in Abbotsford at Anam Cara Farm and Learning Center with her life partner, Steve, eight horses (including two rescued minis); two sheep, five pigs, seven chickens, a dog, and four cats.

Sharolyn Wandzura

Ears Forward Coaching

Sharolyn & Mannah - Mindful Moments

Sharolyn Wandzura offers Equine Guided Leadership & Relational Development programs at Ears Forward Coaching based out of Azadeh Acres located in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. As a long time student of the horse, she blends Liberty Horse Training, Equine Guided Development & Life Coaching to help clients become powerfully present so they can find their voice to become compassionate leaders and have courageous conversations. 

Sharolyn is a Life Coach and dually certified as an Equine Facilitated Learning Professional (EFLP) and Equine Specialist/Professional (EP) with Pro-EFW where she is also a  Pro-EFW mentor. She is the Chair of the provincial Board BC Therapeutic Riding Association and sits on the international Board for MiMer: Equine-Human Education and Research Centre.

Sharolyn shares her life with her partner Nader and 3 horses (Mannah, Sweet Georgia Brown & Summer), a new puppy (Angelica) and two cats (Molly & Moringa). We look forward to meeting you in the pasture for a pause, reflection, and connection and maybe a little bit o'espresso!