The Eco Academy

Where Nature Nurtures

The evolution of The ECO Academy stems from our passion to live in a symbiotic relationship with nature, with animals and with each other. Connecting with nature is fundamental to our wellbeing and that of our planet. It allows us to shift from an individualistic EGO-centric perspective into a healthy and sustainable ECO-centric collective.

When we explore, expand and evolve understanding through shared experiences,  and cultivate reciprocal relationships with the restorative powers of nature, we:

  • bolster mental facility, 
  • inspire creativity, 
  • promote health and wellbeing, 
  • create efficient sustainable businesses, 
  • build respectful economies and inclusive communities and 
  • engender a reverence for ALL life.

We welcome you to join us on this transformational journey.

Whether you want to work with horses, pigs, or trees, humanity is being called to return to the wisdom of nature. The elements and rhythms of nature are essential to our well being bringing balance back into our ecosystems internally, communally and globally. 

Explorations: Learning, Leading and Counselling with Nature is the first step in learning how to foster deep transformational relationships with equines and the natural world. Whether you share it forward as a counsellor, coach, team leader or parent, you are invited to join us online for this 5 week journey into the field ….. of learning, leading and counselling with nature. 

As a Pro-EFW approved Explorations workshop, we include an introduction to the field of equine facilitated wellness and will cover topics such as Pro-EFW’s philosophy, principles and ethics; the role of the equine (and other animals) as a sentient beings; and safety considerations when working with equines, animals and humans.