ECO Explore

Join us for an exploration of Learning, Leading and Counselling with Nature

Whether you want to work with horses, goats, mountains or trees, humanity is being called to return to the wisdom of nature. The elements and rhythms of nature are essential to our well being bringing balance back into our ecosystems internally, communally and globally. 

The ECO:Explore program is the first step in learning how to foster deep transformational relationships with equines and the natural world. Whether you share it forward as a counsellor, coach, team leader or parent, you are invited to join us online for a transformational journey into the field ... of learning, leading and counselling with nature. 

THREE MONTH Self Paced Online Training
Dates for 2024: Continuous Intake 

Step 1: Opening Call
Your journey begins with a 1-1 call with Sandra. 

Step 2: Online Classroom
In the online classroom watch video lectures, read research articles, listen to resource videos and receive assignments.

Step 3: Closing Call 
Wrap up your ECO Explore program during a 1-1 call with Sandra.

Registration Fee: $650 CAN +gst

Looking for certification in Equine Facilitated Wellness?  This training is your first step towards becoming certified with Pro-EFW. 

Join us for this in depth journey which may be used toward national certification in Equine Facilitated Wellness with the Professional Association For Equine Facilitated Wellness (Pro-EFW). Sandra is a certified trainer and mentor with Pro-EFW & Sharolyn is a facilitator & mentor. We include components of nature based and animal assisted explorations in the ECO:Explore training to broaden your perspectives and program possibilities.

Join us for an exploration into wonder...

to Where Nature Nurtures

  • The Theory

    You will be fully supported throughout your journey with us with videos, lectures, articles, research papers and interactive engagement sessions.

  • The Team

    Your team of experts with over 40 years of combined experience in the field will guide your learning from the wisdom of the horse and the nurturing of nature.

  • The Why

    The beauty of this program is the Interconnectedness. You do not need to have your own horse to join us for this exceptional and inspiring nature guided experience.

  • The Passion

    Curiosity is key to our development. Explore how our own lives are connected to the world around us and begin to see the beauty and wonder in the interdependence of all living things. It is time to do things in a different way. Join us and develop your curiosity and resiliency.

  • The Practice

    Partnering with others, including nature and truly working with horses and all animals as sentient beings is the corner stone of our methodologies. This is not about activities, it is about empowering our clients while still honouring the animals with work with.

Learning Objectives

Join us online to ...

  • Enhance your understanding of Equine Facilitated Wellness with additional explorations into Natured Based and Animal Assisted practices.

  • Bring awareness to the history and foundational principles for EFW and other AAT/NGW approaches.

  • Appreciate the importance of balancing ECO and EGO when working with, and in, Nature.

  • Develop an increased understanding of, and sensitivity to, the perspective that horses and all animals are sentient beings.

  • Identify safety and risk management considerations in EFW and develop best practices.

  • An introduction to how EFW and AAT/NGW can be applied with different clients, populations and needs.

  • An overview of the Pro-EFW training, mentoring and certification model and how this applies to candidates interested in EFW certification.

  • Discover the importance of working within your professional scope of practice.

  • Develop your personalized next steps for exploring the EFW/AAT/NGW field.

  • Inspiration of what you can do after completing the ECO Explore training.

Bonus materials

Mentorship, group coaching and more!

  • Motivational Mentoring

    Motivational mentoring is included with your program to inspire and inform your next step in your Nature Guided Journey as coach, counsellor or facilitator.

  • Mindful Manifesto Mastermind

    Envision your new program through an Expressive Art Experience.

  • Business Building Blueprint

    A Business Building Blueprint group coaching call is included with your program. This will help you get clear on the next steps so you can make a plan to bring your dreams to life.

Join ECO Explore

An exploration into Learning, Leading and Counselling with Nature

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

We look forward to hearing from you...

  • Do I need to be currently working in the field of Equine Facilitated Wellness or Animal Assisted Therapy?

    No. The beauty of this program is that it will serve as a beginning step in completing a professional high level of training designed for those participants entering the field. ECO Explore is also suitable for those currently working in the field who wish to expand their practices and/or work on certification with Pro-EFW (Professional Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness).

  • Do I have to have horses to join the Explorations: Learning, Leading and Counselling with Nature training program?

    Students interested in continuing their studies and obtaining certification with the national certification body (Pro-EFW: Professional Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness) will need access to horses for this program. Students interested in partnering with other animals will need access to animals other than equines. Students interested in partnering with nature do not need to have access to animals but an ability to access nature in some form is necessary to complete exercises and assignments.

  • Do I need a computer?

    Participants will be required to have access to the internet through a computer or other electronic device (such as a smartphone or ipad). Easy internet access will help make learning optimal so you can view the online classroom, join the live zoom presentations, watch videos, and connect with others in the discussion board as well as submitting assignments via email. The online classroom will be open for THREE MONTHS following course completion.

  • Are there prerequisites for this online training in Explorations: Learning, Leading and Counselling with Nature?

    No, ECO Explore is your step one. There are no prerequisites prior to joining ECO Explore. We welcome students taking part in other training programs and facilitators already practicing in the field to join us to dig deeper into Learning, Leading and Counselling with Nature.

  • How many hours a week will I be spending in the Explorations Training program?

    In this SELF-PACED program you can work at your own pace within a THREE MONTH period. Setting aside 2-3 hours a week will be plenty of time to complete all modules.

  • Is this for me? Is this course intended for professional training or personal healing?

    Both! ECO Explore is designed to inspire and connect us with the sentient nature of animals and the consciousness that resides in all nature. The program will create a deeper sense of awareness as we explore our own personal and/or professional development. The natural by product of taking this training is personal evolution however the training is not designed as group therapy.

  • Can I become a certified professional in Equine Facilitated Wellness?

    Yes! Explorations is the necessary first step in becoming certified in partnering with horses in Equine Facilitated Wellness through PRO-EFW (the Professional Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness) based in Canada.

  • Can I become certified in Animal Assisted Interactions/Nature Guided Wellness?

    All students will receive a certificate of completion. We are continually developing further training and reviewing certification pathways in AAI or Nature Guided Wellness. So let's talk!

ECO Explore

A training program where dreams take flight while Learning, Leading and Counselling with Nature.

Leading Your Nature Guided Explorations are...

Sandra (Chiron's Way) & Sharolyn (Ears Forward Coaching)

Sandra Wallin

Sandra grew up in the rainforests of British Columbia, riding bareback through ancient cedars and mountain streams. There with the horses, and in nature’s classroom, she learned another way to listen and to lead; a way she’s been teaching in schools and organizations for over 30 years.

As a lifelong learner, Sandra has earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Science and Education, a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology, and is currently working toward her Doctorate in Ecopsychology. Though she has studied with many incredible people, Sandra says her most influential teachers have been horses - potent allies and guides for those who are ready to move beyond the status quo to thrive personally, professionally and planetarily.

Sharolyn Wandzura

Sharolyn has been facilitating for over 15 years and one of Sandra’s first students in Equine Facilitated Wellness. Sharolyn offers exceptional liberty horsemanship skills and enjoys digging deep to explore relational development between species. Sharolyn is a life long learner and is passionate about the growth of available research in the field. She believes "when we know more we are able to BE more for our horses and ourselves all the while providing effective services for our communities". With Sharolyn's 25 years of web design and user experience on board you will feel well supported with her expertise and technical touch!

Why Get Certified?

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